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Explains ideal price ranges of cars for licensed dealers to buy and sell

Explains where to purchase wholesale cars other than dealer auctions

Explains the known best and worst months to buy and sell cars

Explains valuable secret tips for keeping overhead costs to a bare minimum

Explains the ins and outs for operating "by appointment only"

Explains secrets about "Blue Books" and which guides work and do not work

Explains tips and tricks for selling cars from home

Explains unique, yet effective ways to sell cars

Explains tips and tricks for completing paperwork and keeping accurate records

Explains the importance of the federally required "Federal Buyer's Guide"

Explains the importance of completing an "AS-IS" contract

Explains tips and tricks for passing smog and safety requirements

Explains whether to give or not give warranties

Explains tip and tricks to get the most out of using dealer license plates

Explains tips and tricks on state taxes and federal taxes

Explains insurance tips and tricks

Explains how to offer financing to customers

Explains how to accept credit cards, including costs and risks involved

Explains how most dealers handle law suits and threats of law suits

Includes sample forms and important resources such as sample "AS-IS" contracts and a list of dealer auctions by state