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A Special Note from James:

Dear www.dealerlicense.com visitor,

As you probably already know I am a real licensed car dealer here in California.  I buy cars at the dealer auction every week and sell them mostly to the retail public.  I sell a ton of cars on eBay and I even wrote a book on how you can do it also (Click Here for eBay Profits Book Info). My goal is to help you get YOUR OWN dealer license and show you how to make a profit in the used car business.

Unlike other websites selling books on how to be a dealer, I actually have a dealership that you can come by and visit (Click Here to Verify).  Since I speak with people everyday who are trying to get their dealer license so that they make a profit in the used car business, I hear about many of the dealer license scams going on.

If you would like me to help you get your own license and make a profit in the used car business, you can benefit from the over 1,500 pages of original material I have written as well as my 5 DVD training videos.  Make sure you take a look at all that we have to offer for by clicking here.

Below I have provided some information on the various dealer license scams going on.  Make sure you read about this so you don't become a victim too!

Good Luck in the Car Business,

- James



We were the first site on the web to offer help on how to get a dealer's license.  Our site is truly unique.  There are a couple copy cats out there who will not be out there for long.  They purport to be knowledgeable, but they are not even real dealers!  You need to learn from real dealers, which is why our program is the best.

I am pleased to announce that I have hired a well known Intellectual Property attorney in Los Angeles to file suits against such perpetrators.  This will help rid the Internet of such ruthless scam artists.

COPY CAT SCAMS UPDATE!  I am happy to announce that my attorney has successfully shut down a website that was selling unauthorized copies of my material as well as obtain a cash settlement!

COPY CAT / COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT UPDATE 2!: I am very happy with my copyright infringement attorney, he is one of the best in Los Angeles!  He has shut down another cut and paste job website!

Copyright Warning:  All Books are Copyright 2011 , by Dealerlicense.com.  We have an attorney on our staff.  You will be sued for damages if you infringe our Copyright by reprinting or republishing our e-books without our permission.



There are several individuals on the web offering to use their license for a fee.  Please beware of these sites.  One site offers such a service but if you read the fine print, it's for a "wholesale" license, NOT a retail license.  With a "wholesale" license you cannot sell cars to the public!  You can only sell cars to dealers, and there is little to no profit involved.  Another site simply sets up a dealer license in one state and after the state shuts him down, he abandons all the people who bought in to his program and he moves to another state.

Some "Agent Programs" on the interne are SCAMS.   I have been contacted by many people who have sought my advice on how to get their money back from these scam artists.  If you feel you have been a victim of a scam, please contact a local lawyer. 

I will not comment on any specific program, because there are several out there - some good / some bad, but keep these issues in mind:  Generally, if you are wholesaling, which means exporting, or selling to dealers or wholesalers, (NOT to the public), then generally, there is no problem with out of state licenses.
However, it may be a crime to RETAIL a car to the public in your state with an out of state license.  For example, it's illegal to work as a real-estate agent in your state with an out-of-state license.  Similarly, if you are a licensed contractor in another state, you can't do business in your state unless you have a contractor's license in your state.  The dealer's license is the same - it's a state-issued license and all states have different laws.
Here are some suggestions:   I would:
1.  Get something in writing from a DMV Investigator that says it's O.K.   - (Write them a simple letter.)
2.  Contact the District Attorney's office and/ or City Attorney to ask them if it's O.K. in writing. (Write them a simple letter).
3.  Contact a local Attorney in your area to make sure it's legal.
If all the above say "O.K.", I'd think it's fine.


Example of Agent - Scam Victim (Actual E-mail)

In your book you mentioned that if you get one of them "schemes" of dealers that sell "licenses" it's  extremly risky.  Well,the so-called dealer i bought  one from has a bad debt with Manheim and now i am unable to buy from them as well.  Now i can't get cars  from any dealers auction until the debt is  cleared.  I  was also registered with PADE.

Back to the drawing board of trying to get my own license first.  You live and learn right.  

- Jermaine


Another Example of Agent - Scam Victim (Actual E-Mail)

> Terry D.  wrote:

> I am writing to ask a question about a dealer agent program I signed
> up with from another company. About 5 months ago I paid 3000.00 to be
> a "dealer agent". Since this time I have rarely received return phone calls and still have not been
> registered at the dealer auction in Minnesota. 

> Terry D.