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This is free car dealer license material but the paid materials we offer will apply to the following states:  Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois. Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri  Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New. Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania  Rhode. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.


FREE Car Dealer License 12 E-Book Study Course!

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This "study course" is basically an assortment of free information and samples just to say "Thanks for visiting my website".   The info will also give you an idea of the type of information I offer for purchase.  So whether you decide to make a purchase or not, you can still learn plenty of free info below.  Enjoy! 


All books are PDF Format.   

Copyright Warning:  All E-Books are Copyright 2016  by Dealerlicense.com.  Please do not duplicate or distribute this.  I happen to be a lawyer as well as a car dealer, so I take copyright infringement seriously!

Below you will find our Free 12 E-Book Study Course, below you will learn just a small fraction of what you can learn if your order one of our package deals.

FREE Lesson 1:  How to get a Dealer License download

FREE Lesson 2: 10 Things NOT To Do When Selling On EBay  download

FREE Lesson 3: Bidding Tips and Tricks  download

FREE Lesson 4: Warranty Secrets download

FREE Lesson 5: 13 Reasons to get a Dealer License  download

FREE Lesson 6: Dealer Auction List   download

FREE Lesson 7: Dangerous Dealer License Programs on the Internet  download

FREE Lesson 8: What is an Auto Broker?  download

FREE Lesson 9: Auction Registration Tips  download

FREE Lesson 10: How Much Money Do Dealers Make?  download

FREE Lesson 11: How to Pay for Cars at Auctions  download

FREE Lesson 12: What is the Difference Between Wholesaling and Retailing?  download


LOOK!  Many more FREE SAMPLES on my SAMPLE pages.  Check it out!


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Included Products

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Dealer Auction Survival Guide   * * *
Curbstoning   * * *
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Agent Programs in Depth     * *
"We Finance!" Financing Book (BHPH & More!)     * *
Wholesale Business     * *
IRS Audit Tips for Dealers       *
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11.Dealer Agent Programs in Depth - Beware!  Most dealer agent programs are SCAMS.  What you should know about dealer agent programs and how to offer the program for yourself legally in your state. (24.95) BUY NOW!

12. Curbstoning - A book that describes how unlicensed "dealers" use clever tips and tricks on how to make money without a dealer license.  If you become a dealer, it is important to know what's going on out there because curbstoners give legitimate dealers a bad name.  ($24.95) BUY NOW!

13. How to Get Money to Start a Car Business - Exciting ways to get money to start your business. ($24.95) BUY NOW

14. Import / Export Handbook for Dealers - Book on the exciting and profitable realm of importing and exporting vehicles ($49.95) BUY NOW

15. Sell Powersports! - Guide to Selling Repo Cycles, ATV's, Boats, Jet Ski's and more! ($49.95) BUY NOW

16. IRS Audit Tips for Dealers - Book - How to prevent and survive IRS audits. ($29.95) BUY NOW


MULTIMEDIA (over 7 hours of instruction)

DVD  #1 - "How Dealers Inspect Cars at Dealer Auctions".  Watch a real dealer show you how it's done.  Covers everything from interpreting windshield writing to finding hidden body damage.  You will learn how to inspect cars with no prior experience necessary.  40 minutes long. ($39.95) BUY NOW!

DVD  #2 - "The Dealer Auction Tour", With Special Bonus Footage:  Auction Arbitration Plus How to Find and Set Up Office Space. Go behind the scenes of a dealer auction to learn all about it.  Scenes covering how to bid and what to look out for on the bidding block.  Also, bonus footage explaining how to save thousands of dollars via auction arbitration.  You will also learn how to set up commercial office space for cheap. (not all states require a commercial office).    40 minutes long. ($39.95) BUY NOW!

DVD  #3 - "Vehicle History & Frame Damage Video" -  1.5 Hours ($39.95) BUY NOW

DVD  #4 - "Market Research Video" - Almost 2 Hours ($39.95) BUY NOW

Audio Compact Discs - "Inside the Dealer Auction" -  On two CD's!  Contains actual dealer auctions in progress.  We take you through the bidding process step-by-step.   We show you what announcements to listen for and expose you to various types of auction styles.  You will be ready to make smart bids before you ever step foot into a dealer auction.  There are numerous "hands-on" drills and practice exercises.  Almost TWO hours long! ($39.95) BUY NOW!

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Here's our latest ones!


I live in Georgia, and just want to say thanks for providing those books and tapes. They did help me tremendously in getting my dealer license. Your advise also was next to none. I followed what you said, plus what's in the books and tapes, and 'wala" I'm now a license use car dealer. I didn't believe it could happen to me.

You are the best. 

Thank You
Peter, Atlanta


"I want to take the time to thank you for your prompt response and attention to my question. I find that when doing business it is extremely important for me to listen and provide great customer service and I expect the same from companies that I buy from. I have had a very difficult time with another company that deals with providing an independent car dealer license, I unfortunately had to cancel my payment due to their lack of response and also for sending material that did not work, such as a video tape that had no audio. I have to be honest with you, I feel very confident with my recent purchase of your ADVANCED package now that I received such a prompt response to my email. I hope that your package provides me with the real information that I need to succeed in my new venture, I once again thank you for your attention and look forward to doing business with you again and also feel very confident in referring you to others."

- Carlos A. Caicedo


Here are the rest:

A quick update on my progress. Went to the Auction last Thursday. Saw a Cube Van. Most of the Bidders were gone by the time this rolled through. Bidding started at $9000, no bidders. The Auctioneer went to $8000, then $7000, all the way to $5000. No one bid, he said, "okay, roll it out". They drove it out. I thought, I would buy it for $5000. So, I walked up to the owner and offered $5000. He wanted $6500 minimum. We ultimately settled on $5750. As I was walking to pay for it, I made one phone call and sold it before I even paid for it for $7200. That was my first day at the auction. Thanks for your help. 

-Dan Plourde


...easy to read, well formatted, and full of helpful information. What I really liked was that it kept me focused, when all the bullsh** and run-around from the state was discouraging me.

- M.R. Jenkins (M.J.'s Auto Sales), Phoenix, AZ

Great tips and very informative. These tips will probably save me a lot of money.

- J. Cassidy, Kees Rocks, PA

  It was great to run across your offer on the web. I have had no luck with any other dealer directing me in the right direction to get my dealer's license.

- B. Harris, Marion, NY

  Many thanks for your attention to my order, and for your the remarkable books. It was necessary for me. I have read various DMV manuals (Michigan, Georgia, Colorado etc.) and other  editions, devoted to the dealers. All of them were published by state organizations, or the attorneys at law, but for me the "sight from within" was necessary, and I think, that I very much was lucky, because the information in your book is unique and is important.

- S. Karpunin

Straight forward, not wordy, no B.S.

- C. Fackelman, Sarasota, FL

...honest and positive...covers all important issues of the used car industry.

- J. Steelman, San Clemente, CA

-Outlined the basic steps to take to getting a license...takes some of the guess work out of it. Helps prepare for what you will be up against.

- K. Schoppmann. Manorville, NY

I received the books two days ago and I've already read them twice -very insightful, thank you. I knew a lot of the general info for my state... but your books covered a lot more. You are a tremendous help. It's these little things that are key to whether people actually go ahead with their business prospers or not. The fine details are the most important.

- J. Ogden. St. Louis, MO.

I received your books recently and am very impressed. You have a good writing style that reads well.

- H. Bishop, St. Louis, MO

I bought your books and they helped a great deal. I actually wanted to obtain my salvage license. I found out it was about the same steps as you described for getting a dealers license.

- "Brian"

I have ordered the manuals and received them! I am very pleased and excited!!! It's well worth the money I spent. Please notify me of any supplements in the future.

- A. Garmon, Covington, GA

This information is excellent. I'm a college student and have always been fascinated with auto auctions and I think this is the key to my success. Thanks

- Ryan Mohr

 I just reviewed your manuals and must admit they are full of very informative facts and suggestions. I had been anticipating the arrival of these books all week and was very pleased after reading them. You're very correct in saying that it is very difficult to find these facts if one does not know where to look.  And as you mentioned, the statutes are difficult to follow and would basically deter anyone in continuing to follow the steps in acquiring the license, but your manuals are very easy to follow. Thanks for creating such easy-to-follow guides for individuals out there.

- J. Alonso- Miami, FL

...I'm glad I got them... very interesting...this will definitely make things easier on getting my dealer license.  There's a lot of good information that I will use...let me know when the next one is ready.

- Francisco Rodriguez, Grand Rapids, MI


The materials we provide will help you get a dealer's license in all the following states:  Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois. Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri  Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New. Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania  Rhode. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.