Reasons Why We are the Best on the Web

Hello.  My name is James.  I am the owner of    We are simply the best - here's proof:

1.  Not ready to order?  Have dealer questions?  You can speak with me, a REAL dealer, before you buy.  Feel free to call me.  Click HERE for my contact information.  There is a reason why my competitors hide behind their computers!

2.   We have verifiable references and subscribe to local business groups, such as the following - just click on logo: 



3.  I am a real, licensed and bonded auto dealer - not a large company who doesn't care about you, or some copy cat who claims he is a dealer but really is not.  Before you spend ANY money on a dealer program, be sure to verify that they are a real dealer first!!!

4.  We offer more information than our competition - guaranteed. (16 different books (OVER 1,000 Pages), 5 DVD videos, double audio compact disc set, 4 Resource CD-Roms, auction registration info, dealer supply coupons, priority shipping, online consulting, phone consulting, field consulting, etc.)

5.  We're here to help you get your OWN dealer license and succeed - Others just want you to buy into their dealer agent programs for thousands of dollars.  Those agent programs are SCAMS.  I have talked with several people who have lost up to $3,000 with dealer agent programs.   If you still are interested in agent programs, I offer a book on what you should know about them.(Dealer Agent Book Info)  To read more about these scams, visit my special page on SCAMS.

Did you know?  It's MUCH cheaper to be your OWN dealer than work under somebody else.  My goal is to show you how to set up your OWN business with as little money possible.  Forget about dealer agent program SCAMS.

6.  You will receive a special coupon from a dealer supply company with your order.

7.  FREE Telephone DEALER CONSULTING is available from me, with purchase of a selected Package Deal

8.  Most dealers start small.  I was one of them.  I represent the "little guy" who wants to get the dealer license the cheapest way possible, NOT the millionaire looking for the 3 acre lot and neon sign - I therefore can relate to you!

9.  Our program is more concise and to-the-point than our competition.  This is the real thing.  We are the ORIGINALS.  The others are copy cats.

10.  Our company is NOT internet-based like the others.  We have a physical office location in Southern California.  You are always welcome to stop and say HI.  Ask my competition if you can stop by and say "Hi".  They will probably hang up on you, because they are not real dealers!

11. We were the first "How to get a Dealer License Site" on the web!

12.  MOST IMPORTANT REASON:  You're the customer, so call us and we'll do whatever it takes to earn your confidence.




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