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  DEALER LICENSE MANUAL:  If you don't have your dealer license yet, this resource shows you EXACTLY how to meet MINIMUM state licensing requirements to become a licensed used car dealer. Cuts right through bureaucratic red-tape from the state.   This will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of headaches!  Want to be an auto broker? This is also valuable for would-be auto brokers, since you need to first get a dealer license before you can become an auto broker!

  LICENSED CAR DEALER'S GUIDE: "The secret weapon of licensed used car dealers". A critical resource publihed exclusively for dealers and people who want to become dealers.  Loaded with numerous original tips and tricks on how to be successful.

  UNDERGROUND AUTO SALES MANUAL:  Sheds light on the curbstoners who give dealers a bad name.



  KELLY BLUE BOOK TRADE IN VALUES I use this site sometimes to see if I bought a wholesale car for the right price. If you have never been to a dealer auction, you're in luck. These prices are almost exactly what cars sell for at dealer auctions.

 THE RECYCLER A searchable west-coast site I use to find out how much cars are selling for. This is the publication I sell some of my cars through.

 MANHEIM AUCTIONS A national dealer auction chain. I personally attend these auctions. You have to pay to see the market reports, but you can still read about policies and locations.

AUTO TRADER A national, searchable site I use heavily to find out how much cars are selling for. I sell most of my cars here.

DEJA NEWS Search engine that searches through all the news group posts. If I buy a car and I have general or mechanical questions, I'll search the database for an answer. If I can't find an answer, I'll find a relevant auto newsgroup and post my question. I get replies the same day.

EDMUNDS USED CAR PRICES I don't use Edmunds for their used car prices (too misleading). Instead I use Edmunds to learn about cars - good to find out what changes/improvements/recalls were made to a car in a given year

LOS AUTOS.COM "All you need to know about Automotive Industry in Mexico" (Spanish site)



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